EASYCUT Standard (SD) Replacement Blades

81 Blades Per Dispenser
SKU: 774-1002

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EASY-CUT™ Standard (SD) Replacement Blades

Each EASY-CUT™ box cutter blade is made with the highest quality of carbon steel, and provides up to 3 times the normal usage workload. A patented, special radius-blunt blade prevents user injury, and ensures that no damages will be done to the product.

The blade does not chip, and offers a sharp edge for up to 5000 feet of use. Easily slicing through cardboards and boxes and the cut is always clean and even. It comes in an easy-to-open dispenser that has built-in spaces to store depleted blades for proper disposal. A shipping label is provided inside each box to return blades when they have all been used. Each packet contains 3 blades: 1 for EASY-CUT™ box cutter’s main blade carriage; and 2 for the handy on-board blade storage compartment.