OLFA® brand blades are made with top-quality materials, forged with technologies that stem from traditional sword-making, sharpened with technologies that give a blade life, and ultimately finished with the craftsmanship that brings all of this together. The holders and handles that allow users to gain the full cutting performance of these high-quality blades are designed, developed, and manufactured in Japan and subjected to stringent quality checks throughout the process. OLFA® is proud of the unwavering quality that goes into every product it makes

"Safety" is the underlying principle of OLFA yellow. The body color of OLFA® products was selected in 1967 by Yoshio Okada. He decided on a soft yellow color, similar to egg yolk because it was associated with “safety” and “familiar” images. With hand-held cutting tools, quality weighs heavily on user safety. And, because safety is always a top priority, OLFA® is very demanding when it comes to quality. This is the underlying principle of OLFA's official corporate color -- yellow.

The name “OLFA” comes from two Japanese words, which, when translated, mean “to break a blade”. The OLFA® parallelogram logo is taken from the shape of a snap-off blade.