Our Facilities

Here are just some of the ways our experienced representatives can help you enhance your business success:


We reorganize the layout of your products on clearly marked racks, taking into account your requirements and needs.


We label your packaging with a picture of the product, its description, part number, barcode, place of origin, and lot number.


When you place an order, we determine the location of the products in order to facilitate storage upon delivery. The end result is a faster and error-free storage process.


Equipment Layout
Racks are laid out strategically to speed up product searches and optimize movement.


Order Taking
We take your orders on a weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis.


Inventory Management
We can help you manage your inventory based on the quantities you use and your minimum and maximum requirements.


Product Quality
Choose from a wide selection of standards-compliant premium parts to match your machinery and needs.


Technical Support
In addition to our telephone operators, you can count on the personalized service of our team of experienced representatives who time their visits to suit you best!

Bring PR Distribution knowledge to work for you!