"Personalized service from coast to coast!"

Over the years, PR Distribution has cemented its reputation in Quebec and expanded its horizons into the Maritimes and Ontario. Our determination to succeed and provide total customer satisfaction has been the focus point of our mission since 1976. And we plan to continue along this path as we explore new markets and products while broadening our customer base.


Once PR Distribution's current foundations are well secured, the company plans to take inspiration from the Canadian motto-"From sea to shining sea"-and expand westward to Ontario, the Prairies, the Rockies, and even beyond. But before striking out into new markets, we want to be sure we can offer the same outstanding products and top level of service to customers right across the country.


Exports are another important part of our plans at PR Distribution. But efforts in this direction will be dictated by market demand and potential. Our current customers can only benefit from an increase in volume, which is why we are exploring this possibility.  


Whatever direction the company takes, we will never stray from the core philosophy
at the heart of our success: to work ever closer with our customers.