Solvent Cleaners

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Multi-purpose solvent 946ml
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Loctite® Chisel Paint Stripper

Prepares metal parts for new gaskets, eliminating scraping and sanding. Works on wood!
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Layout dye remover

(361 gr - Aérosol)SP™606 Layout Dye Remover is specially formulated to remove SP™602 or other layout fluids quickly and eciently. It may also be used to remove light oils, grease, many types of paint and other markings on metal or glass.
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Eco-grade™ vandal mark remover # SP404

(340 gr - Aerosol)SP™404 Eco-Grade™ Vandal Mark Remover is a highly effective next generation, soy based vandal mark remover that replaces terpene or petrochemical based products.
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Sprayable paint stripper

(531 gr) Spray - fast acting formulation that strips paint
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Eco-grade™ paint & adhesive remover #SP405

SP™405 Eco-Grade™ Paint & Adhesive Remover is a next generation, environmentally safe, premium coating stripper formulated to remove multiple layers of oil & latex paints and many other coatings.
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Methylene chloride free paint remover #SP915

(463 gr - Aerosol)SP™915 Methylene Chloride Free Paint Remover has been developed for use in the removal of coatings, varnishes, epoxies and urethanes.
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