Walter Surface Technologies

WALTER Surface Technologies has been providing metalworking solutions to industrial professionals with the ultimate goal of helping them work better. Our solutions help organizations lower their overall cost while improving the safety and efficiency of their metalworking processes.

We are committed to providing high-performance solutions for the metalworking industry such as a wide range of abrasives, a complete portfolio of tooling, PPE, power tools, environmentally friendly industrial strength cleaners and degreasers, and so much more. Over the past 70 years, WALTER has helped thousands of customers and continues to develop new innovative solutions and programs designed to improve safety and increase productivity.

This encompasses our Bucket Program, Productivity Reports, Safety Seminars, and Product Demonstrations – all designed to help our customers work better and safer. We continuously improve our customer support capabilities so that we can continue to help workers around the world.

WALTER takes this seriously, which is why it’s part of the company’s mission to improve worker

health and safety conditions, protect the environment and reduce waste and operating costs.