Fast and Versatile Structural Bonder.
SKU: 588-2205827
Manufacturer: Henkel Loctite
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With a powerful combination of speed and strength, LOCTITE® HY 4090™ solves a wide range of design and assembly challenges.
LOCTITE® HY 4090™ delivers both performance and versatility, with high-strength bonding on a variety of substrates. Cures faster and outperforms many traditional epoxy adhesives.


  • Suitable for a variety of substrates, including metals, most plastics, and rubbers—opening up your design possibilities
  • Fast fixture time of 3-5 minutes—reduce production time and work-in-process (WIP)
  • Good moisture, chemical, temperature (up to 150°C), and impact resistance—the bond will endure
  • Non-flammable, non-corrosive—increased health and safety for employees
  • HY 4090 is ISO 10993 compliant—suitable for the assembly of disposable medical devices
  • Also available in grey color—provides visual confirmation of proper mix